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Susan Hotle

Dr. Susan Hotle,  Associate Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering, 540-231-7407

200 Patton Hall, 750 Drillfield Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061

Current and Graduated Students

Jeongwoo Park

Jeongwoo Park

M.S. 2024 (expected)- Using ASDE-X to Estimate Deicing Facility Capacity and Delays

Marcella Kaplan

Marcella Kaplan (Co-advised with Dr. Kevin Heaslip, University of Tennessee)

PhD 2023 (expected)- Optimization of Delivery as a Service

Tomek Gradzki

Tomek Gradzki

M.S. 2023- Updating Airport Layout Information using Aircraft Surface Trajectories

Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones

M.S. 2023- System Wide Information Management (SWIM) data collection and analysis

Osama Alsalous

Dr. Osama Alsalous

PhD 2022- Airport Performance Metrics Analysis: Application to Terminal Airspace, Deicing, and Throughput

Nancy Kaur

Nancy Kaur

M.S. 2022- Flight Flow Evaluation at Chicago O’Hare Airport Using ASDE-X Surveillance

Mihir Rimjha

Dr. Mihir Rimjha (Co-advised with Dr. Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech)

PhD 2021- Urban Air Mobility: Demand Estimation and Feasibility Analysis


Stephanie Atallah

Dr. Stephanie Atallah

PhD 2020- The Impact of Airport Size on Service Continuity and Operational Performance

M.S. 2017- The Impact of Airline Market Competition Structure on Fares

Navid Mirmohammadsadeghi

Dr. Navid Mirmohammadsadeghi (Co-advised with Dr. Antonio Trani, Virginia Tech)

PhD 2020- Development of an Aircraft Landing Database and Models to Estimate Aircraft Runway Occupancy Times

M.S. 2017- Improvements to Airport Systems Capacity and Efficiency Using Computer Models and Tools

Mia Li

Mia Li

M.S. 2019- Taxiing Efficiency Evaluation in Major U.S. Airports Using ASDE-X Surveillance


Elham Hajhashemi (Co-advised with Dr. Pam Murray-Tuite, Clemson University)

M.S. 2018- Agent-based Modeling for Recovery Planning after Hurricane Sandy


Kunal Singh (Co-advised with Dr. Pam Murray-Tuite, Clemson University)

M.S. 2017- Health Risk Perception for Household Trips and Associated Protection Behavior during an Influenza Outbreak

Sadhana Chukkala

Sadhana Chukkala

M.S. 2017- Effect of airline mergers on the operational performance and cancellations