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Taxi Event Extractor (TEE) 

Airport Speed Heatmap
Airport surface performance uses gate times (gate-out/in) and wheels-on/off times from publicly-available datasets.  The TEE extracts flight-level metrics from surveillance data, including taxi speed, distance and the location/time of additional events of interest.
TEE Manual March 2023.pdf

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Aviation Delay Analysis and Operational Metrics

Flight Map Across United States
Delay can occur at any point during a flight and can propagate to flights later in the day.  The National Aerospace System (NAS) is interconnected and linking delays to exact causal factors is complex.

Alsalous, O.*, & Hotle, S. (2023). Deicing Facility Capacity and Delay Estimation Using ASDE-X Data: Chicago O’Hare Simulation Case Study. Transportation Research Record, 03611981231185147.

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Impact of Adverse Events on Transportation Systems and Behavior

Airplane in bad weather
Major events impact transportation systems for indefinite periods of time.  Whether it is a pandemic, extreme weather system or recession, insight into human behavior during these events can aid in system recovery.

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Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

UAM Flight Path
UAM is an emerging technology, where travelers will use Vertical and Take-Off Landing (VTOL) aircraft to arrive to their destination in a fraction of the time.  Before implementation, customer demand and feasibility of the system has to be researched.

Rimjha, M.*, Hotle, S., Trani, A., & Hinze, N. (2022, April). Impact of Airspace Restrictions on Urban Air Mobility Commuter Demand Potential. In 2022 Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS) (pp. 1-12). IEEE.

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Engineering Education 

Flipped Classroom Learning
Which teaching styles help engineers learn best?  What job-related factors do engineers consider when deciding their career path?  Survey-based studies help us teach and advise the next generation of engineers.

Hotle, S.L. and Katz, B.J. (2018). Decision Support for Civil Engineering Students: An Analysis of Alumni Career Paths. Transportation Research Record.

Hotle, S. and Garrow, L.A. (2016). Effects of the Traditional and Flipped Classrooms on Undergraduate Student Opinions and Success. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice.